I don’t know about you, but as the colder weather sets in I turn to oatmeal as a warming breakfast – is this my Scottish heritage showing? I remember my grandmother saying her grandmother would keep the porridge in a drawer and they would take a slice whenever they were hungry!

As an adult oatmeal has been my go-to breakfast all winter. So maybe it’s in the genes, lol!

This recipe from Chiquita is soooo good. It uses cooked oatmeal but doesn’t say if it should be fresh and therefore hot, but with 2 cups of ice, perhaps it is!

I thought how easy it would be to double the quantity of oatmeal I make and keep a few half-cup portions in the freezer. If I spread each in a thin layer on a cookie sheet and freeze, I can add a frozen sheet to my smoothie and cut down on the ice. Note: I haven’t been organized enough to try that yet, but the theory sounds good, right? It would have to be thin enough not to break my blender!

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