We suggest 3 ways to enjoy this delicious banana oatmeal smoothie.

First: Try it as a smoothie.  Normal, but good!

Second: Make a smoothie bowl.  Mmm, just thinking of all the tasty bits to put on top.  Yeah!  :o)

These are the ‘normal’ ways to enjoy a smoothie or smoothie bowl. For either simply put all the ingredients into the blender till the mix reaches your preferred thickness. Just remember if making a smoothie bowl use a little less liquid to begin with; you can add more if necessary.


The third way is to mix it up as overnight oats or a Swiss meusli breakfast bowl.

The first two require a blender but this third does not. We recommend mixing up this one and leaving it overnight for all the flavors and natural sweetness to blend through the whole mix. However, you can just throw everything together in the morning if you forget. It will be a drier mix, but many people prefer a chewy meusli than, ‘Yuck! Soggy meusli!’ as my friend’s son put it, lol!

Grate a little apple on top of the meusli just before serving and you’ll have a Swiss-physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner style ‘real’ Swiss meusli.

The other thing to remember when making Swiss meusli is, again, that you require a little less liquid than for a smoothie. So play with the wet ingredients until you find what you like.

The smoothie recipe comes from Dawn at WordsOfDeliciousness. If you’d like to see more of her delicious recipes, check out the link at the end of the post.

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