This tasty smoothie has a lovely combination of flavors. There’s a little sweetness and a little tang. It’s creamy and you can make it extra chilly with some ice, especially if you use fresh fruit.

I love how flexible and forgiving smoothie are. You don’t have almond milk? Use coconut milk, or dairy. You don’t have mango? What fruit have you got? Fresh or frozen? Add that.

The recipe is based on one from Davida at TheHealthyMaven and the details are on the next page. Davida uses protein powder, which I prefer to avoid, so I’ve given substitutes if you wish to use them. Protein powders can be between 100-130 calories per scoop, and the Greek yogurt and hemp seeds I’ve used give 15 grams of protein for 105 calories. Use dairy milk and add another 8 grams.

Check out 25 Quick 3-Ingredients Smoothies for Weight Loss for a list of protein powder substitutes – you’ll find it on page 3.


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