I’ve been traveling over the weekend and am almost at the end of my journeyings. I’m pretty tired and I think I might have this banana smoothie as a bedtime drink today instead of a breakfast drink. (See the end of the post for the recipe.) Did you know bananas are good to eat before bed? Apparently the tryptophan will help you sleep.

In fact bananas are pretty good generally. Read on the see what Ivy Larson at CleanCuisine has to say about them …

Are Bananas Good for You? Are Bananas Fattening?

Whenever I share a banana-rich recipe I am always shocked at how many times I am asked about whether bananas are in fact a healthy fruit. Here’s the deal; ALL fruits are healthy!! There is absolutely no such thing as a “fattening” fruit (or a “fattening” or unhealthy vegetable either for that matter.) I have been asked the banana question so many times though that I actually did an entire article on it.

By the way, did you know bananas are the only fruit to contain the amino acid Tryptophan and Vitamin B6? Tryptophan and vitamin B6 work synergistically to help your body produce the feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin. Since my banana smoothie recipe is also rich in mood-boosting omega-3’s from walnuts, chances are you just might find you feel happier and more relaxed after breakfast.

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