After years of being told that fat is bad I still find it difficult to believe otherwise. Yet I’ve lost weight snacking on peanut butter! So the right fats must be ok after all when taken as part of a healthy eating weight loss program.

OK, so it was not only peanut butter I’ve been eating, lol! But I would grab a (large!) spoonful if I was hungry (or had the munchies!) and especially while preparing our evening meal – and still lost weight.

Even still, whenever I see a recipe containing 1/2 cup of nut butter, in this case almond butter, I still react to the amount of fat. Yet the fat here is good fat and is balanced with 26 grams of protein which makes this an extremely filling smoothie, so you will not need anything else to eat for a long time.

Obviously the calorie count varies with the amount of almond butter you use and we’ve given an estimate over the page with the recipe. So if that matters to you then choose the recipe with the amount you need.

This delicious smoothie is from Lindsay Landis at LoveAndOliveOil who says …

… you’d be surprised at how good this is with peanut butter instead of almond. A bit more potent, for sure, so you may want to decrease the amount, but blueberries and peanut butter are a surprisingly good combination. Who knew? Come to think of it, it’s technically the same concept as a peanut butter and jelly. Just, well, drinkable.

I can vouch for the fact that flavor-wise you can get off with less peanut butter! This may be the answer to reducing calories in this recipe. See what you think.


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