Having a green smoothie daily is a healthy habit when you are at home, but its a much greater challenge to keep it up when you’re on the go or flying off on vacation.

Of course you must enjoy the local food of the country you are visiting, sampling the gelato, chocolates or whatever the local specialties are. Wherever you are, look up natural food stores and grocery stores in the area to be able find the green smoothie ingredients that can help keep you stay on track with your healthy eating habits.

This will also help you recover from jet lag by refuelling and hydrating your body, and help keep your immune system strong from a different environment.

Been a bit over-indulgent? Here’s a green smoothie recipe to help you to get back on track. Its from Levvi (pancakesandpeonies.co.uk) – a must-try recipe.  Sooo yummy!! Enjoy!!!

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But before that, here’s something Levvi talks about after a vacation trip…

Amazing as the food in Italy was, my English metabolism just couldn’t take it! On our return, we were actually desperate to start healthy eating again.

I wandered down to Wholefoods and spent a ludicrous amount of money on ‘Skin Food’, ‘Alkaline Greens’, dried blueberries, chia seeds and other healthy bits and bobs to kick start the healthy glow! 

Make sure you get back on track with your healthy eating habits…


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