I love my smoothies in the morning, but like anything, it needs variety to maintain interest. I came across this luxuriously creative recipe from Joana (at mamabee.com) where she says it was borne out of overhearing her son complaining to his friend that smoothies are so boring that he doesn’t want any more for breakfast!

This set her thinking about how to create smoothie recipes which would “blow his mind”. Then she had an epiphony, as she describes here…

I was at the mall this morning and on the way back I stopped by my favorite healthy store. An employee came to me right after I entered the store. She said hello and told me about a new 90% dark cocoa chocolate they got this morning.

That’s the first time they got a chocolate of that kind in there.

And then, it hit me. I knew right away how to use this chocolate.

Before I tell you the smoothie recipe, [see the page after next] let me introduce you to the benefits of cocoa. You will be amazed of what it could do to your body. 

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