I just ran across this cool report from David Zinczenko (author, Eat This Not That) where he warns of 7 ingredients to avoid in your weight-loss smoothies. They may well sound healthy and good for weight loss, but David explains why in fact they are much more likely to have the opposite effect and lead to a gain in unwanted fat.

This will help better inform your choices of smoothies whether bought from a smoothie bar or home made using your own smoothie recipes.

I’ve included David’s “Zero Belly” strawberry banana smoothie recipe below – delicious & low calorie (only 232 cals).  Scroll down to the next page to check out the recipe.

Here’s the back story according to David Zinczenko…

Whey protein. Bee pollen. Agave syrup. Trying to order a healthy smoothie is like trying to put together a LEGO set from a bucket of random pieces: All the parts are bright and shiny, but half of them are just junk.


In fact, the selections at most smoothie shops include plenty of “healthy” add-ons that mostly just add on to your waistline. And with more chains opening every day—Smoothie King aims to have 1,000 locations ready by 2017, with Tropical Smoothie on its heels—you’ll have more chances to make a mistake.


To decode the menu and start melting your belly for real, take a look at these 7 worst ingredients to add to your smoothie.

Here’s a summary of David’s list…

  1. Fat-Free Flavored Yogurt
  2. Fruit Juice
  3. Ice Cream Or Sherbet
  4. Whey Protein
  5. Too Much Of A Good Thing – Avocado & Nut Butter
  6. Added Sweeteners
  7. Canned Fruit

(Full details and concise explanation for each is in the original source report.)

For the “Zero Belly” strawberry banana smoothie recipe, see Next Page…