A tasty banana-less smoothie recipe suitable for a light breakfast or lunch, or as a filling snack. It has protein and fiber in the chia seeds and more protein and healthy fat in the peanut butter. And at only 220 calories, it will still fit into your healthy eating weight loss plan.

Plus there is still room if you wish to wish to increase the chia seeds and add some yogurt or kefir to make it a full meal replacement smoothie.

The recipe is based on one by Charanya at YesIAmVegan. Charanya wanted a smoothie but had no bananas. So she decided to go with what she did have …

All I had were apples and almond milk. To me, smoothies are bananas. There was no frozen or fresh ones. I was so gutted – Decided to go with apples anyway.

And she was pleasantly surprised with the tasty result.


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