Don’t have the energy to greet each day with enthusiasm? What’s missing?

Here’s a great smoothie recipe to help…Its a smoothie with no banana, but it helps elevate mood (the vibrant green color works wonders for me!), regulates sleep, as well as cleansing and detoxing.

The spinach – leafy greens – are an excellent source of various minerals which strengthen your immune system and help you stave off illness. Melon brings lots of potassium, and is high in h2O to keep you hydrated.

This is a healthy green smoothie which helps manage stress to both body and mind.

As Laetitia says…

I love that vibrant green colour of the Melon & Spinach Smoothie. It makes me feel instantaneously happy and I know it makes my body happy too.

I’ve been drinking loads of smoothies lately in an attempt to boost my immune system and this one makes a refreshing change as it has no banana.

The texture is similar to juice and feels lighter than the banana based smoothies but is nevertheless delicious and sweet.

Any-time Mood Boosting Green Smoothie is on the Next Page…Enjoy!