Who’s up for another tasty peanut butter and banana smoothie? Me! I never tire of them. Do you? They are certainly very popular. And I’m always surprised just how filling they are.

Because the peanut butter is high in fat it’s a good idea to use low fat or no fat milk and yogurt. You’ll still get the protein and calcium, just no extra fat, therefore a few less calories. If you are one of the lucky ones to whom calories do not matter, then I’m jealous and you can skip this advice, lol!

And if you wish to add some cocoa powder to the mix, I’ll not stop you, lol!

The recipe is from Aimee Berrett at the LikeMotherLikeDaughter blog who says …

This deliciously creamy smoothie is only 5 ingredients, and blends together in just minutes. Its got the perfect peanut butter and banana flavors for a delicious smoothie everyone will love!


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