I just can’t get enough! I made this recipe the other day and it was delicious. Like so many of you, I love a peanut butter, banana and chocolate combo. And to have learned it is also a healthy combo has been a real boost! To think I could even get away with adding a carrot or a handful of greens without tasting them is brilliant!

This smoothie contains calcium, healthy fat, protein, potassium and all the goodness contained in dark, dark chocolate. Mmm! How can anyone not love you, Oh-Smoothie-of-Mine! (Think not to sharing, I be!)

The recipe comes from Melanie at GatherForBread and the details are over the page. Melanie says …

I was totally into instant breakfast. The kind where you pour the powder in a cup of milk and gulp it down. When I eliminated a lot from our diets it had to go. I was left helpless for breakfast. I missed it terribly.

So I came across banana smoothies online. I decided to give it a try with cocoa powder for some chocolate zing. Then I discovered dark chocolate cocoa powder and it took it to another level for me.


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