Carolyn likes to make this smoothie low-carb and dairy-free. However, the wonderful thing about smoothies is they can be all things to all [wo]men, lol! Make them with water or with your choice of milk; make them low carb or with the addition of dried fruit like dates or raisins for sweetness instead of artificial sweetener.

I like to make smoothies I can put in the refrigerator overnight. Not only does this allow a quick getaway in the morning, but it means a little dried fruit goes a long way as the long soak gives time for the sweetness to develop throughout the whole smoothie.

The recipe is from AllDayIDreamaboutFood, where Carolyn has a simple and effective tip for getting kids to eat greens – or fussy adults, for that matter, lol! Add chocolate! So simple, isn’t it? I know there are a few people who do not like chocolate, but I have not met any personally. :o)

Carolyn says …

I love creating low carb, low sugar smoothie recipes. They should be thick and satisfying, with plenty of energy and healthy fat but without extraneous carbs. That might seem like a tall order when so many smoothies are made with high sugar fruits and dairy. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve. For one, I skip the dairy-based milk and stick with the creamy low carb unsweetened Cashewmilk … At only 1 g of carbs per cup, I can afford to pour it into my blender with abandon. Then I skip the typical banana and add some avocado instead, which helps thicken the smoothie delightfully.


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