This deliciously minty, creamy taste is soooo good, you’ll not believe its good for you!

It’s a favorite from Angela (at to remind you of Christmas at any time of year…

This one is low-calorie and a super healthy treat for folks controlling their diet or aiming to change their eating habits. And there’s even a “something” extra variation… Easily transform this recipe into a chocolate peppermint smoothie – without diluting the nutritional value.

Also, with almond milk this smoothie is great for those who are lactose intolerant.

But it is great alternative for everyone too – not only is it lactose-free, but almond milk has more nutrients than cow’s milk…

Frozen banana will thicken the smoothie and avoid diluting the flavor as when you add ice or water.

Here Angela (from spells out the many nutritional benefits of this recipe…

Peppermint oil is used for a number of things including in diffuses to clear the sinuses. Ingesting it can also help to treat cold symptoms as well as indigestion and nausea so this smoothie would suit those with sensitive stomachs.

Nutritionally, almond milk is less processed and has fewer calories or sugar per serving than half fat milk but has a creamier taste and a high amount of fiber (almost 1g per serving) to help aid in a healthy digestive system.

It also contains a large serving of calcium and vitamins: A, D and E which are needed for:
• Growth and development
• Healthy Skin and eyesight
• Boosting the immunity system
• Maintaining strong bones and teeth

Additionally, almond milk is suitable for those suffering from kidney disease


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