A simple, quick and tasty green smoothie to set you up for the day.

What makes it quick and simple? On-hand ingredients like frozen fruit and easy to store seeds or nut butter. It’s so easy to stock up on these so you can make a healthy smoothie at the drop of a hat. Breakfast, snack, post-workout or even dessert, if you wish.

Is it healthy? Of course! Some fruit, but not too much to throw your blood sugar levels out of kilter; a little healthy fat and some greens. Try some yogurt or water kefir for healthy gut bacteria and some whole grains like oats to add fiber and fill you up even more.

This recipe is from Lisa at MakingsOf. Check out the recipe on the next page – click the link below to go there. Lisa says that …

Health and wellness don’t need to be complicated. My go-to green smoothie is super simple and super healthy. Vegan, gluten-free, rich in iron and omega-3s.

Lisa’s tip: Peel and cut bananas into pieces ahead of time then freeze in ziplocks so they’re ready for easy use.


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