This pumpkin pie smoothie from Amy at OhBiteIt is tasty, healthy and only 100 calories! And to be sure, Amy includes the calories beside each item in her ingredients list. (See the recipe on the next page.)

If you are in a hurry you can throw this together quickly which is a bonus in a busy day when you need a little extra to fill the gap until lunch or dinner.

Amy says …

I made a double batch (2 Smoothies) simply by doubling this recipe. Obviously, if you double it, it would then be 200 calories, if you drink both of them yourself, lol! Actually, that would be very easy to do since it’s totally scrumptious, plus, it’s filling enough to replace a meal … WooHoo!


On the other hand, being so low in calories, there is plenty of room if you like to add some extra fiber, protein and healthy fats with oats and nuts. These will fill you for even longer, and still keep the calorie count low.

Research indicates eating a few almonds will curb the appetite, so including some in your smoothie as part of a healthy weight-loss program may help when you lose weight. Just don’t take too many as that will increase your calorie intake and defeat the purpose.


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