This delicious tropical smoothie is from Amanda at TheChunkyChef and the details of the recipe are at the end of the post.

I like to add some veggies to my smoothies but can often be disappointed when the spinach turns it a yucky, muddy color. So I’ll often add carrot when I want to keep the color bright and appetizing.

Amanda suggests adding a dash of vodka or coconut rum to make this a delightful adult smoothie. However, best not to take that for breakfast, lol!!! Amanda added the carrots and was totally won over. She says …

I LOVE carrots in this smoothie… as it bumps up the nutrient factor, adds a fun color, and it makes me feel better about drinking a LOT of these… because it has a vegetable in it, it must be totally healthy right?

Well that’s my total rationalization anyway 😉


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