I just ran across this cool recipe where they share a rather different weight loss drink idea. They don’t say much on how these work in your body, but it’ll surprise you how well this simple combination can help with both weight control and detox.

The author claims this diet can help you lose from 0.5 up to 2 kg in a day (reducing excess fluid in the body), and that it should be consumed for just one day at a time, but not more than twice a month. Here’s a little more of what they say…

green-teaEvery morning millions of people start their day with a cup of warm tea. Some add sugar, some do not, some prefer green and others black tea.

These people know that tea is beneficial and healthy, but not everyone knows about the benefits provided by green tea. Moreover, many have not heard of a tea based diet, a diet including green tea and almond milk.

This diet is most popular among those who want to lose weight, then maintain their normal weight.

The combination of almond milk and tea not only tastes good, it doesn’t leave you feeling hungry. Also, it is excellent for cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system..

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