You are what you eat, they say, so it’s great to know what’s good for you and what it does for you. Take this yummy smoothie from Stephanie Gerber at HelloGlow which is great for healthy hair.

The recipe requires fresh or frozen figs. If, like me, you cannot find these in your area, then substitute the dried figs. Because of their very short shelf life, only a few days, about 90% of the world’s fig crop is dried, so you have more chance of finding dried rather than fresh figs.

Figs are rich in fiber. Fresh figs contain slightly more nutrients than dried, losing about half of the vitamin A and the B-complex vitamins, but these are easily supplemented by other common foods.

How can this almond and fig smoothie give you healthy hair? Stephanie Gerber writing atHelloGlow says …

Almonds are a great source of copper! There is evidence that adequate levels of copper in your diet reduce premature greying of the hair. Copper is also important in maintaining proper metabolism and is excellent in reducing inflammation, both of these factors can lead to premature greying of the hair.


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