This is a popular breakfast smoothie recipe in our house. Virtually anything with almond butter is (or peanut butter, for that matter, lol!)

We love pineapple and also like to add ginger to our food – both are great to help ease different aspects of cold symptoms. However, many folks do not like to use ginger. If you are one of them, try ginger tea. It will give you some of the benefits of ginger without the strong ginger flavor.

Slice, chop or grate a piece of fresh ginger, to taste – if you are unsure of it, start off small with about half an inch; the more you use the stronger it will be. Place it in a cup or jug and pour boiling water over it. Leave it to sit for about 5 mins if you want a hot drink, or allow to cool then chill.

Once it has cooled a little, you can add some lemon juice or slices and some honey for additional flavor and sweetness. Don’t add them to boiling liquid for it kills some of the nutrients.

Note: the ginger tea will become stronger the longer you leave it.

We use ginger tea in the smoothie recipe overleaf.


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