Tasty, healthy, superfood green smoothie recipe that’s gluten-free for those who need to pay attention that. It contains, Vitamins C & K, potassium, magnesium, anti-inflammatory properties and fiber, all of which adds up to a super healthy, digestion-aiding smoothie. See the recipe at the end of the post.

The recipe comes from Lindsay Cotter, a nutritionist and fitness professional, with a passion for sport nutrition and gluten-free diets.

Lindsay reminds us that kiwi fruit comes from New Zealand and soft, ripe kiwis are popular there. She explains …

… Kiwi fruit can also help your digestion! Meaning, it can help things get moving along. Um, no wonder it’s a “regular” breakfast fruit consumption. Pun intended, haha.

KIWI fruit can really help those with IBS. It has both proteolytic enzymes and prebiotic carbohydrate fibers which aid in digestion.

[And she suggests] … Give your digestion a little TLC with this Kiwi Super Green Smoothie! Super ingredients that are paleo and vegan friendly, healthy, and nourishing. A green smoothie that does a body good. Simply delicious and refreshing!


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