Add this zingy lemon smoothie to your repertoire of weight reducing smoothies. It’s tasty and refreshing and has less than 200 calories. You’ll also get probiotics, calcium and protein from the yogurt, digestion-aiding benefits from the ginger and immunity-boosting, antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory qualities from the ginger and turmeric. (Don’t forget a pinch of pepper to help the body absorb the turmeric.)

Not only that, but skip the yogurt and ice and add some hot water instead and you have a tasty drink to sip that’ll help fight the bugs of the common cold.

Lori at FoxesLoveLemons

… lemon is my favorite flavor, so it’s kind of like I’m waking up to my favorite food. Every single ingredient in this smoothie (well, except the ice) is engineered for maximal bright, zingy flavor and health benefits. That’s right, I engineered this smoothie. And hey, even the ice gives you some hydration!


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