It’s an oldie but a goodie and it takes a lot to beat the delicious combo of strawberries, bananas and oats. I love adding oatmeal to my smoothies because the soluble fiber keeps me going for longer – not to mention all the good it’s doing clearing out my arteries of cholesterol.

Including protein and some healthy fats also help to keep us full for longer, so I’ve substituted some yogurt and hemp hearts to boost the protein naturally instead of using protein powders. This way you also get the added nutrients that include all nine essential amino acids and omega 3 & 6. Essential because our bodies need them and cannot make them.

The recipe is from Julie at ThisGalCooks who says …

  • Old fashioned oats make is thick and creamy.
  • It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or snack.
  • [A frozen banana gives a thick smoothie.] You can use an un-frozen banana to make a thinner smoothie.
  • It’s lactose free.


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