Isn’t that photograph stunning! Just look at that image and tell me you do not want to eat it! I think chocolate mousse has to be my all time favorite desserts. I made a delicious one with coconut milk and Bailey’s the other day … smooth, but with just a little more it would have been drinkable … hiccup! (I didn’t say which you needed more of, now did I?)

Anyway, on to smoothies … This one is from Amanda at RunningWithSpoons and … WOW! … is it delicious or is it delicious! And I don’t just mean the photograph this time, lol! Plus it’s good for you with a dose of healthy fats, fibre, protein, omega 3s, and calcium.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t read food blogs on an empty stomach — not unless you’re masochistic, anyway. All that delicious food staring back at you from your computer screen, just begging to be made and enjoyed… It’s torture!

The same goes for food photography. I will never (ever, ever, ever) pick up my camera for a shoot unless I’m properly fed… and even that’s not a guarantee that I won’t try to eat my subject(s) anyways. But can you blame me when I’m working with things like this?


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