7 Tips to Stay Hydrated

It’s really obvious, but here are a few suggestions anyway:

Tip 1:

If it’s too much like torture to face a large glass of water, drinking little but often is a good way to get the fluid your body needs.

Tip 2:

Keep a bottle of water on your desk to remind you to drink, or carry one in your bag so water is always handy.

Tip 3:

If running, especially in summer months, take more water than you think you will need.

Tip 4:
Invite someone over for coffee, you’ll be surpised how much you drink while you talk without realising it. OK I know coffee isn’t necessarily the best, but it’s better than nothing!

Tip 5:

If the tap water in your area is not nice invest in a water filter.

Tip 6:

Buy one of those ice cube gadgets that makes long thin ice cubes to fit a water bottle.

Tip 7:

See Dara’s post.  (Link on the next page.)


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