Diet, ugh! The very thought fills me with dread.  I know I have to do it and get rid of the excess pounds but there never seems to be a good time to start.  For example we have two family birthdays within the next three weeks, two the month after and three the following month, and I know the moment I give in to birthday cake I’ve had it – diet ends. And I just know that the moment I stop I’ll put it all on again, plus more.  Life is just not fair, loud sigh!

Katherine at TheLeafSystem may have just come to my rescue with her diet plan based on healthy leafy greens and good-for-you foods.  Dismiss the myths and believe the facts, she says.  And so to the first of the myths …

Myth: You have to eat a low fat diet. This is one of the biggest causes of hormonal problems and increased food cravings, not enough healthy fat in your diet. The problem isn’t the fat, the problem is the type of fat that you’re eating.

For good health you need to eliminate fat from processed food sources, vegetable oils and processed meats, yogurts and cheeses.

Now add in some healthy fats from coconut oil, nuts, seeds, pastured eggs including eating the yolk as it’s actually very good for you.

The only thing you have to monitor when it comes to weight loss is calories. If you get some of those calories from a healthy fat source, you will lose weight in a healthy way, feel satisfied and avoid health problems.

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