It’s not unusual to find fruit juices and honey, agave, sugar or maple syrup in smoothie recipes. According to Trinh Le, a registered dietitian for MyFitnessPal, we should avoid these and substitute other healthy alternatives. We have 6 tips (my favorite is number 5) and two recipes for you today (you’ll find the recipes at the end of the post.)

Trine points out that …

Not all smoothies are created equal: The average restaurant fruit smoothie carries anywhere between 10-20 teaspoons of sugar!

The best way to enjoy this sweet treat is to prepare your own, and to sip it in moderation (we’re talking about a 1-cup serving). To slash sugar in your homemade smoothies, try to use as little of these common high-sugar smoothie ingredients as possible:

She then lists several fruit juices and natural sweeteners.

Here are Trinh’s 6 Tips to Scotch Sugar from Your Smoothies without losing flavor:

1. Start with a creamy base.
2. Spoon in your favorite nut butter.
3. Sprinkle chia or flaxseed to vary texture.
4. Toss in some mild vegetables.

Neither of the recipes on the following pages has any veggies, so you could add some without impacting the calorie count – they’d still be wa-ay under 200 cals per serving.

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