We think of smoothies as healthy food. And they are. This article from PureWow points out some things we might be doing wrong that will reduce the benefits we expect to see in them. And at the end of the post we have included a basic green smoothie recipe from Katherine at GreenThickies to help you fill up on a healthy, nutrient-rich, easy meal.

Here’s what the author at PureWow says …

Some of the things you’re adding to your blender can quickly derail your smoothie’s health benefits (and flavor). Here are five common pitfalls and how to avoid them, so you can actually start enjoying your Big Gulp of kale… maybe.

So, to help keep us straight, watch out for …


Mistake #1: Is Bargain Produce really the Deal?
As with everything else: the end product reflects the quality of the ingredients used. Produce that’s full of insecticides or way past it’s prime are not as good for you as fresh, organic produce: work with the best you can afford.


Mistake #2: Too much Ice makes for Dilution with a capital D!
It’s great to have a cool smoothie, especially on a hot day, however, too much ice dilutes the flavor and makes it slushy. Instead, freeze your fruit to maximise freshness and to improve the chill. Freeze your fruit in its prime or buy ready frozen ingredients.


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