“When something is in season, it packs the healthiest punch,” advises Rol Staff, writing at RodalesOrganicLife. So it makes sense to use fruits and vegetable at their peak. That said, frozen comes a very close second as few nutrients are lost when the produce is picked and frozen within a few short hours. An added bonus of frozen is no waste, nor do you lose nutrients because you don’t use them quickly enough.

Rol suggests that we also …

Keep these smoothie staples on hand for an easy and intense nutrition boost:

Hemp seeds: Vegan protein source with a mild, nutty flavor.
Flaxseed: Rich in fiber, protein, and omega-3s.
Wheat germ: One gram of dietary fiber per tablespoon.
Sunflower seeds: Use shelled seeds for a boost of copper, magnesium, and selenium.
Chia seeds: Fiber-loaded and protein-rich to control blood sugar; take on flavor of other ingredients.

For each smoothie:

Add one of the intense nutrition boosters with the ingredients in a blender .  Blend until it reaches the consistency you like. Adjust the liquid a little if necessary.


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