This tasty 4-ingredient blueberry cashew smoothie is a very slight tweak on a recipe from Alison at LovingItVegan.

There’s a lot of wisdom in including snacks as part of your healthy eating weight loss plan. And you can choose how you drink this smoothie: as 2 complete meal-replacements; share with family members; or as one meal plus two snacks.

Getting through to lunch never seems such an issue as making it to dinner. I’m often really hungry when it’s time to get the evening meal ready, so it’s always tempting to grab something to nibble while I prepare things. And a raw carrot is never appealing, lol!

All that is by way of saying it’s worth having a planned snack in the late afternoon or before you start preparing your meal. That way you’ll not snack on something you will regret once you step on the scales.

So why not enjoy one of these smoothies as your snack?

Alison thinks …

You’re going to love how thick, creamy, nutritious and delicious this smoothie is, not to mention how easy it is to make, with just [4] ingredients providing all the flavor this smoothie requires!


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