The perennial favorite: pina colada smoothie and added greens. Just what we need to start the day with a filling breakfast. Some folks still do not like drinking their greens, but for those of who do this is a great tasting way to do it. And this recipe fits into our healthy eating weight loss program.

Canned coconut milk is the fill-me-up ingredient here. We’ve been learning that it’s fat that adds flavor to our diet which is why so many low-fat diets lack flavor. And when you add to that the fact fat fills us up, it’s no wonder so many of us failed on low-fat diets.

Another plus with coconut fat is the way our bodies handle it: it is used quickly and not stored. Therefore it gives us immediate energy.

The recipe is from Lisa at CookEatPaleo who says …

This 3-ingredient green smoothie is paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free — with no added sugar and a full serving of spinach. And it still tastes like a pina colada.


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