We have 3 delicious weight-loss smoothies to get your days off to a good start with a satisfying healthy drink. They are sweet with nary a hint of added sugar. They will help you lose weight as part of a healthy eating plan.

Along with the fruit we love in our smoothies, we always encourage you to add some nuts or seeds, some greens – or oranges or reds or purples, just so long as you include veg of some sort – and some protein. Doing this means your smoothie will keep you going till lunch.

Even if the recipe you want to use does not include these you can add them anyway to increase the nutrients, reduce the risk of unwanted sugar spikes and keep you feeling full for longer.

The recipes come from JoyTheBaker and you’ll find the details below. Joy says …

Pairing pineapple with kale really brightens the flavors and makes the smoothie feel like a tropical kale vacation. Wait. That doesn’t tempt you? Don’t worry. This smoothie doesn’t taste like a salad in a blender. The kale flavor really mellows when pulverized in the company of pineapple and vanilla almond milk.


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