We’ve spoken before about make-ahead smoothies and what a help they are in the morning. So we’ve got a couple more delicious recipes for you. Use them for breakfast or lunch or as one or two snacks, perhaps with the children after school.

These tasty recipes will help you lose weight as part of a healthy eating weight loss program.

There are two ways to make them:

1. Make ahead of time and store, covered, in the refrigerator until ready to drink;
2. Make them for the family and prepare and freeze ahead of time, ready to grab and blitz before you all run out the door in the morning.

If I’ve frozen the ingredients, when I’m ready to make the smoothies I hit the bag on the counter to free it up a bit, then pop into the blender, add the non-frozen items, blitz and pour. Simple!


The recipes are from Lisa Leake at 100DaysOfRealFood who says …

… when the girls get home from school, I might not always be into the idea of getting out all the different ingredients to make a smoothie, but if the fruits and veggies were already packaged up in the exact right proportions? Sure, we can have a smoothie snack any day! It’s amazing how sometimes a little advance preparation can go a long way.


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