I was in dire need of some chocolate the other day, and as I hadn’t made this chocolate and avocado smooth for a while I decided that would do the trick. And it did!

This is another 2-for-1 recipe where you can either make a chocolate smoothie or a chocolate pudding – and in either case it’s full of healthy nutrients and GREEN!

The recipe is from GreenThickies and is satisfying and filling, like all of the recipes there. Katherine says …

… because I use ground flaxseed in this smoothie (always a great addition for its Omega-3s!), the longer you leave this to sit the thicker it gets. I actually have half of this smoothie with a sandwich for lunch, for example, and then put the rest in the fridge and by dinnertime it’s thickened up so I have the rest as a pudding for dessert! Nothing like a two-for-one smoothie recipe, right?

So, one recipe but the trick of the pudding is to leave it sit in the refrigerator to thicken up.


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