Drink your greens – and your reds, oranges, whites and purples – in fact all your veggies, if you can’t face eating them. And you can choose whether you go for a really, really, smooth-smoothie or a chewy, rough-chop-but-still-drinkable smoothie.

That’s what is so inviting for many people: they know they should be consuming (note I avoided saying ‘eating’ … only just, lol!) more vegetables but cannot force them down. Smoothies make it easy. Combining them with fruit makes them very palatable.

Whether your preference is for juices or smoothies you’ll find something to like in this list. Note that juices easily become smoothies by processing them in a blender instead of a juicer.

We started making smoothies with a stick blender that chopped, albeit very finely, but still left texture so I suppose technically it was not a smoothie, lol!

Rabi Abonour writing at SeriousEats says …

If you’re looking for a quick, vitamin-packed breakfast or a feel-good snack, these recipes will come in handy, whether you want to start out with a fruit-sweetened smoothie or go adventurous with juices made from fennel, parsnips, or even garlic. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.)

We’ve selected 3 of our favorite recipes to put here.



Please click the ‘Next Page’ button below for the first recipe: a Beginner Green Smoothie recipe as there are still some folks out there who have never tried a green smoothie, believe it or not! …