Include these 10 low calorie, healthy and nutritious smoothies as part of your summer weight loss program to ensure success.

I always find it easier to lose weight in summer, simply because salads and ice-cold smoothies are much more inviting! Plus, a hot spell always kills my appetite.

So take advantage of summer to lose weight with these smoothies from MyFitnessPal. There are 10 great, nutritious, smoothie recipes that are all under 250 calories: One is 244 calories, 3 are between 205 and 211 calories, and all the rest – that’s 6 recipes – are below 200 calories.

That still leaves you room to add a teaspoonful of Coconut Oil per serving for the added health benefits and potentially profound fat-burning effects it gives, without going over the top calorie-wise. A little fat also increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from some foods, including greens.

The author says …

Smoothies may seem like sugar bombs, but this isn’t a fair judgment of its nutritional character! Home-blended versions pack plenty of fruits, veggies and dairy to provide natural sugar in addition to vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and healthy fats. Why not enjoy a boatload of fruit and veggies in one of these blends, all for less than 250 calories?!

I’ve put my favorite recipe from the list on the next page. And you’ll find a link to the others there, too.  So choose the one that fits your day, every day!


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