Ever tried adding ingredients with probiotic digestive benefits to your smoothies?

Recently I came across an interesting article by Jo Hodgson (FitLife.tv). One of the first of these she tried was kombucha – a black, green or white tea, fermented with sugar and various bacteria and yeast. Bazaar it may be, seems the Chinese referred to this drink as “The Immortal Health Elixir”, because of its fermentation process.

For smoothies you can vary the mix depending on what greens and fruits you have at the time. But a ratio of around 4:1 greens to fruit is pretty typical. Jo prefers to keep the fructose content down, but I expect this would also work fine for fruit-based smoothies just as well (if that’s your preference).

Either way, adding kombucha adds probiotic goodness to your base recipe (provided you don’t heat it at all).

Anyway, go to Next Page to discover what Jo says about getting started with kombucha and a recipe suggestion. Sounds like she’s a convert…