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[Recipe] Fresh Orange Julius Smoothie Without All the Sugar

    I’d heard of an Orange Julius. I’d heard it was good, but then discovered it contained too much sugar for my liking, so never got around to trying it. However, when I came across a recipe at TheKitchn recently, along with the story behind the drink, I began to wonder how I could…

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[RECIPE] A Blueberry Smoothie To Curb Sugar Cravings

Here's a delicious blueberry smoothie from Lisa Gatti ( which aims to help moderate blood sugar levels. Great if you've been over-indulging in sweet foods, or suffer from ongoing symptoms of high blood sugar. In contrast, enjoy this protein-rich smoothie and expect to feel energized, satisfied, and craving-free. Learn why from Lisa... The combination of…

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[Recipe] Cut-the-Sugar Fruit Smoothie

    We are always being told smoothies contain too much sugar, even though most of it is natural sugar. So as a remedy we present this avocado and cucumber smoothie recipe. Cucumbers are a great summer fruit – fruit because they come from the flower and contain the seeds. (Yes, i know, I always…

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