What’s so special about juicing? With the juicing “fad” looking like being here to stay, I wanted to understand why juicing was so popular. So when I came across this short post by Joanne Beccarelli (GladForHealth.com) and she answered my questions, I thought you too might find it helpful…

(Note – I also discovered that juicing was too often being misused, and when it is, the results can be frustrating or even dangerous to health. Watch out for more on this in the next few days…)

In the meantime, here is Joanne’s intro – a little background, then click through for 3 really good reasons why we should all be juicing. The first 2 reasons are short-term, same-day benefits, but the real lasting result comes from reason number 3…

Juicing has been all the rage for a while now. You know it has gone mainstream when food companies start to poke fun at it in multi-million dollar snack food commercials. Or when you see that it makes an appearance on a cooking show that has nothing to do with health and typically features Italian food.

Best of all is when blender companies use the word ‘juice’ in their infomercials, but then exalt the benefits of all the fiber. They seem to be torn between wanting to utter the word ‘juice’ because of the hype and tiptoeing away from the biggest criticism and really giving you a smoothie (which contains the fiber that juice leaves behind).

It all makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Be sure not to get caught up in the tug o’ war between juices, smoothies and chewing. The truth is, they are all great and enjoying one does not have to mean avoiding the others.

Instead, consider these juicy reasons why you just might want to grab some juice in addition to your daily smoothie. And just to be clear, I mean a freshly prepared, unpasteurized, mostly vegetable juice, not a boxed, bottled, pasteurized, sweetened concoction that may be green, but isn’t exactly loaded with nutrients.

Now click the link to visit Joanne’s original article over on GladForHealth.com and discover the short and longer-term reasons why fresh juice is actually good for you and why you should be enjoying this nutrient-rich, delicious treat every day.

Photo courtesy AskMen.com