Here’s some worthwhile advice for a detox program that  can help you towards much better health. It’s a recommendation really, from Rosalie Ruardy. It includes a couple of mobile Apps for iPhone and Android devices. From her experience of the program, she developed 10 good reasons to do a juice detox, and I’ve included the first 3 right on the next page as a convenient sample for you.

First, let me introduce Rosalie Ruardy…In her own words…

If there would be just 1 detox that I could recommend to you, it would be the 7 day juice detox by Jason Vale (iPhone & Android app also available). There are tons of benefits and reasons why you should take on a juice detox yourself.

I’ve completed the juice detox again last week, as you might have noticed on my personal Instagram account. Today, I’ve listed the 10 most important learnings. I’ve turned these into reasons why you should do one too.

Trust me, I’m not exaggerating, bragging or trying to sell something. I’m genuinely just trying to convince you to start your best and healthiest year ever, by taking on this challenge: the 7 lbs in 7 days juice detox!

Coming up on the Next Page… my sample of Rosalie’s 10 reasons to do a juice detox…