I just ran across this cool article which gives the most comprehensive intro to smoothies for weight loss that I’ve seen anywhere. The author – Chantelle Zakariasen covers a TON of healthy weight loss smoothie principles and recipe ideas.

Since there’s quite a bit of detail in this one, I’ll probably break it down into a mini-series over the next few days.

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You’ll get some great new ideas to add to your own smoothie making plans.

As Chantelle Zakariasen of RootAndSprouts.com says…

You may have caught on to the smoothie buzz that’s been humming in high frequency the last few years.

People everywhere are learning the usefulness of drinkable nutrition, and embracing the fact that smoothies are easy and nutritious.

Smoothies are adaptable, you can use what’s in season, add superfood or supplements, all with minimal prep work.

In a busy modern world, where we need the power of fruits and vegetables more than ever (1)(2), smoothies are a hot commodity.

For those of us who feel we could be eating more raw foods, smoothies are a great place to start.

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