I never imaged smoothies could come to the rescue – until I read this report (and green smoothie intervention video – see below) from Robyn Openshaw (greensmoothiegirl.com)! Shocking what some young students put themselves through when trying to adjust to their new independence.

Here’s the call that Robyn got from her daughter about a friend…

“Mom! Aaron has no money, so he is eating only what’s in his cupboards till the semester ends. He has had MARSHMALLOWS for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 2 days!”

I was headed south that night, for a hiking weekend with my girlfriends in Zion’s Canyon. So I proposed an intervention. I said:

So my girlfriends and I raided Aaron’s apartment, with Emma, that night, GREEN SMOOTHIES TO THE RESCUE! 

Find out what happened next – watch the video on the next page…