Is coffee bad for your heart? Should you give up coffee? No need to – coffee is healthy – according to a report by Lizzie Fuhr (PopSugar) earlier this year. Lizzie cites 5 reasons why coffee can be actually good for your health.

The report claims that the  antioxidants in coffee have been shown to decrease the risk of… heart disease among other thinks.

I can’t function before my first cup of coffee. I’ve been sipping the dark stuff every day since I was 15 years old and picked up a more serious habit during my college years. While I’ve backed off those twice-a-day doppios (I know, I can’t believe it either), I still enjoy a cup of strong black coffee every morning. For years, I toyed with the idea of giving up caffeine for good, but lucky for me, there’s a ton of research out there supporting my java habit.

But like most foods and drinks, over-doing it can still lead to problems…

With all that said, I hate to admit it, but coffee isn’t a miracle beverage. Drinking too much can contribute to high blood pressure, sleep issues, headaches, and digestive problems. Just be sure to stick to 300 milligrams or less of caffeinated beverages a day to keep your java habit in check and your body in tip-top shape.

Interesting article… Check out the 5 reasons coffee is good for your health over here: Lizzie Fuhr – The Healthy Reasons You Don’t Need to Break Up With Coffee

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