Eat healthy on a budget? Yes heathy food can be a rather expensive option, especially if you buy for convenience. So what can you do if you hit a rough patch – lose your job, or have an unexpected drain on your finances – medical bills, for example? That’s what happened to the author of this article I came across today…

There’s no doubt about it — we struggled to get healthy foods on a limited budget. But it forced us to get creative, and we did the best we could for that season of our life.

We stopped eating out.
We bought “new” furniture on Craigslist.
I stopped going to Target.
We made crafts out of recyclable trash.
We ate lots of meals with friends.
We rode our bikes to save gas money.
I shopped at garage sales + thrift shops.
Family & friends sent us money.
We simplified.
We embraced the good stuff.
We made it work.

You can too – perhaps with some help from Thrive Market…

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