Here’s a super cool article and recipe for all of us who want to improve our digestion and control our weight…

Feeling you should be eating more raw foods? Then smoothies are an easy way to get started.

You’re not alone!  Everywhere people are discovering the effectiveness of drinkable nutrition as the way to change the dietary habits of a lifetime and reverse the alarming growth of obesity in our society.

Many of us are incorporating smoothies into our regular meal plans as the easiest and most nutritious approach to changing our dietary habits.

Smoothies are so customisable…you can

  • use what’s in season
  • add superfood or supplements
  • prepare quickly with minimal work

In our busy world today, where we need the power of fruits and vegetables more than ever, smoothies are the hot commodity.

I’ve gleaned this weight-loss smoothie recipe from an excellent article by They provide a brilliant introduction to smoothies for health, and the recipe below is just one example applying the principles they outline.

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