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[Recipe] Apple Beet Ginger Juice in a Blender

Being a food writer, Sommer Collier at ThePioneerWoman has owned every conceivable kitchen gadget you can name. Having run out of space in her kitchen she got rid of most of them, including her ‘super hip and high tech’ juicer and continues to make juices with her blender. Her ‘vibrant vitamin-packed sweet and zingy raw’…

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[RECIPE] Jet-Powered Juice for Faster Weight-Loss!

A magical tummy trimmer... I'm little bit obsessive over the best foods to eat, what kind of meals to prepare - so figuring out where the next meal is coming from can be exhausting. Also, I've always had to overcome the temptations of comfort food - mostly from foods that put on tummy fat, of course! So I was relieved to find…

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[RECIPE] Tummy Trimming Natural Healthy Morning Juice

I almost skipped this tummy trimming juicing drink, again from but its so refreshing and its speed & simplicity does commend it. So here it is, mostly re-written to moderate the rather wild weight-loss claims. There's no nutritional info in the NewsFunStyle article, however as you may well have heard, and a little research**…

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[Recipe] Fast Belly-Fat-Burning Homemade “Wine”

Try this delicious "wine" recipe (non-alcoholic) - its designed to help you shed belly fat while minimising feelings of hunger or food cravings. Share with friends & family - or even at social gatherings instead of a more traditional glass of wine. Another excellent contribution to your portfolio of healthy, weight loss drinks, the article includes some good info…

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[RECIPE] Simple & Effective Detox Drink

Detox is a big buzz-word in the health & fitness context. I never really got into detox much, but then I ran across this short article & recipe which explains things as simply and clearly as I've seen anywhere They claim the main benefit of detoxifying is to better prepare your body for a weight-loss regime and so are…

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