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[Recipe] Delish Chocolate Mocha Smoothie

    Don’t speak to me until I have my first coffee of a morning! But despite having several mocha smoothies – which I love! – on the website, I’ve never made one for breakfast – lunch, yes, but not breakfast. So maybe that’s why I’m asking is this breakfast or dessert I’m offering here?…

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[Video] The Results Are Out – Powered by Green Smoothies!

This is fascinating! Here's a short video clip (58 secs) reporting the amazing conclusions of a very interesting study by independent filmmaker, Sergei Boutenko. Sergei tested the impact on a group of 10 athletes of drinking whole-food based green smoothies. The athletes - ten Ultrarunners and CrossFitters - kept to their normal training and racing regimen but added…

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[Recipe] Recover Faster Smoothie – Pineapple Mango & Banana

I just ran across this popular recovery smoothie recipe from Shoshana Pritzker, RD, CDN ( She simply shares a delicious healthy recovery smoothie with concise nutritional benefits for each of the key ingredients. I found it refreshingly direct and fast-acting. - And it’ll give you some more great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes. Check out the…

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[RECIPE] Post-Workout Smoothie for Fast Recovery

If you exercise regularly - and everyone ought to - here's a recipe & video giving a post-workout smoothie designed to aid rapid recovery and avoid muscle fatigue. According to Rozzie Batchelar - Jamie Oliver's fitness nutrition specialist - this is just about the perfect post-workout smoothie. It delivers 2 of your “5-a-day” and contains much more…

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