We have some tips on the building blocks for a filling, healthy, weight loss smoothie from Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD, writing at TheKitchn. Shira is a nutritionist and dietitian, based in LA.

So, what are the Building Blocks to a Filling Healthy Weight Loss Smoothie?

1. Start with a sugarless base like unsweetened nut milks, 2% or skim milk, …. and even good ole water! Don’t believe you’ll have a tasteless smoothie if you use water; it depends what else you include. Avoid fruit juices as they are high in sugar.

2. Include a healthy dose of veggies. These can be a handful or two of your favorite greens, some new greens or other vegetables. Try matching your veg to your fruit: strawberries and beet; oranges and carrots, or sweet potato; blueberries and … well, what blue veggies do we have … you get the idea, lol Ok I know, purple (red) cabbage, purple broccoli or eggplant. White fruit like bananas, white peaches with cauliflower and green apples or grapes with greens. Aim for a rainbow of fruit and veg – although not all in one smoothie, lol!

3. Don’t forget some healthy fats! Did you know it’s the fat that makes food taste good? Plus it helps you feel full. Things like avocado, coconut, other nuts, nut butters, seeds and a tablespoon or two of full fat Greek yogurt will all fit the bill. However, don’t overdo it or you could eat a day’s worth of calories in one meal! A little goes a long way. Or replace a meal with a filling smoothie.

4. Add-Ins, Mix-Ins, whatever you want to call them! These can be seeds, nuts, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract to name a few. Remember, while vanilla, cocoa and sweet spices have relatively few calories, the healthy fat in the nuts and seeds can pile up the calories, so pay attention to the whole smoothie and balance the calories.

Of course, you also want to include some ripe fruit, too, to add flavor, hide the ‘greens’ and add sweetness.
Shira suggests …

We season our chewable food with spices and salt; why not our smoothies?

I often choose add-ins based on what I’m looking for at that moment, whether it’s more fiber (chia seeds), protein (hemp seeds), and antioxidants (spirulina or cacao). Spices add flavor and color. Think about it and don’t be afraid to mix it up — literally!

Hope this helps you in your weight reduction quest.

Even f you are not watching the calories and just love smoothies, these tips will help you, too, to build a smoothie you will love.


Source: TheKitchn

Photo: TheKitchn