germogli-di-broccoli.jpgToday must be broccoli for health day! Having just posted a broccoli smoothie recipe, I came across this article by Kat Gal of extolling the health benefits of broccoli, and how to best enjoy it. I love broccoli properly prepared, but it was news to me that it brought so much goodness.

Too many of us were introduced to a version of broccoli which gave it an unfair bad reputation. As Kat Gal says…

… a lot of people don’t think of broccoli as a “cool” vegetable. Besides its bad reputation, many people only know the overcooked broccoli in college cafeterias. Others only use it as a quick side dish, microwaving cheap, frozen bags. Both versions are mushy and flavorless.

But believe me, eating fresh broccoli is absolutely delicious when it’s served cooked or raw.

Check out Kat’s excellent list top 10 broccoli health benefits over at

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