As long as I have access to a blender, no matter where I am, I will easily be able to rely on healthy, superfood smoothies to take care of my body… Like with this Blueberry Hemp Smoothie here!

If you’re looking to improve digestion, balance hormones and improve metabolism, then hemp seeds may just be the superfood you’re looking for.

Note: The nutritional benefits of hemp seeds were long neglected because of it’s botanical cousin – Cannabis. However, according to Dr Axe (and others), hempseeds do NOT cause any psychotropic reaction and instead may provide significant health benefits with it’s unique nutritional profile.

Read on, try this recipe & let us know your thoughts…

…this smoothie… is made with deliciously sweet fruit – a banana and a handful of blueberries. A gorgeous combination! Although you could, of course, substitute out the blueberries for another berry of your choosing.

And with the use of almond milk and the addition of 2 beautiful tablespoons of hemp seeds (I LOVE hemp seeds), this smoothie has a nice creamy quality to it, as well as a boost of Omega-3?s & 6?s…

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